Hello world.  Fede's homepage.

Citroen 2cv
    some photos of my car
Electric Bass guitar stuff


Links and banners of my interest:

Linux Counter #110263
If you use linux, register with the Linux Counter.

redhat link

apache server

slashdot link
I have been addicted to /. since mid 1998.  As an aspiring geek, it is the only source of news worth my time.

distributed.net banner
This organization allows computers from all over the world (including this server) chip away at very large algorythims during idle cycles.  Until now they have worked on efforts to show the government that its restrictions to 40 bit encryption are too weak.  Download their client have your computer join the effort.

Vi IMproved link
An Open Source implementation of the best editor there is.

[Blue Ribbon Campaign icon]
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

Here is a banner created on the 2cv list serve I belong to.

Links to similar servers on the internet:



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