Federico Grau                                       donfede@casagrau.org
4801 Fairmont Ave #203                              240-602-1244
Bethesda MD, 20814                                  updated: 2017-Sep-12

Skills Summary:
  Professional experience over two decades with RHEL, SGE, VMware ESX,
    Solaris, CFEngine, SaltStack, Python, shell scripts, C/C++, Object
    Oriented design, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, TCP/IP, MTU, LDAP, NFS,
    GNU/Linux, Windows, DOS.
  History contributing to documentation, building and following
    procedures, and recording metrics.
  Personal experience with GNU/Linux and the Free Software community
    since 1995.

Work Experience:
  NIH/NHGRI Contractor -- Digicon, CSRA (Jul 2013 - present)
  Scientific Systems Engineer
  * Senior member on a team of 5 UNIX Scientific System Engineers (SSE),
    supporting a mix of CENTOS servers, including stand-alone servers
    and High Performance Computing clusters running Sun Grid Engine.

  * (2016-09) NHGRI IT contract transitioned companies from Digicon to
    CSRA; staff were retained.

  * (2015-01 -- 2015-12) UNIX Team Lead, guiding staff towards necessary
    tasks and projects, ensuring customer priorities were met.  Assisted
    with selection, training, and evaluations of SSE staff.  
  * Stood-up and integrated additional compute nodes; repaired failed
    nodes with vendor support.  Created RPMs of bio-informatic software,
    and deployed them to HPCs using configuration management tools
    (CFEngine, SaltStack).  Applied upstream distro patches (OS
    updates).  Improved documentation for the environment, ranging from
    wiki notes, to HPC diagrams, to policy documents.  

  * Collaborated with other infrastructure staff for regular successful
    maintenance windows.

  Systems Administrator, Principal

  Virtual Infrastructure Team lead (Jun 2009 - Jul 2013)
  * Developed and ran VM feasibility study during a hectic new software
    release cycle, opening the path for the organization to seriously
    pursue virtualization.

  * Led a two person team to transition ProQuest from a few disparate
    ESX servers, to maintaining half a dozen datacenters across the
    globe, hundreds of ESX hosts built to standard spec, supporting
    thousands of VMs.

  * Developed and maintained documentation on the ProQuest virtual
    infrastructure, with best practices, standards, and implementation
    plans to manage and grow the environment.  Collected automation
    scripts in a centralized source code repository (RCS; git).

  * Continuously explored and used new technologies to optimize
    management of virtual infrastructure, including Update Manager
    for consistent patch levels, Host Profiles for consistent
    configurations, AutoDeploy for diskless ESX images, and UCS Service
    Profile Templates for consistent server configurations.  Learned and
    documented Powershell/PowerCLI scripting to assist with automation
    of ESX and UCS environments.

  * Continued to coordinate with the UNIX systems admin team (with root
    access), occasionally providing 3rd-tier support (ex: RHEL SAN P2V).

  UNIX systems administrator (Jun 2008 - Dec 2009)
  * Part of a team of system administrators supporting datacenter
    migrations along with server deployments and upgrades of RHEL and
    Solaris.  Thousands of customer facing systems, along with Pre-Prod
    and Development systems were maintained, with minimal interruption
    in services.  
  * Led the technical merger of acquired sub-unit CSA-Illumina.

  * Worked with build, ticketing, and workflow systems including RedHat
    Spacewalk, BCM Remedy, and nLyte workflow.  Carried and responded to
    a rotating 3rd-tier support pager (24/7).

  Radio Free Asia
  Engineer II - Free Software Developer and Sysadmin (Oct 1999 - Jun 2008)

  * Senior engineer adapting the Rivendell radio broadcast automation
    system for use at RFA including: packaging for Debian, correcting
    bugs, and enhancing the system to work in a multi-user environment.

  * Part of a team of system administrators supporting 20+ GNU/Linux
    servers, 6 MS servers, on a 300+ client network, using standards
    based services such as: Samba/SMB, NFS, DHCP, DNS, SMTP,
    POP3S/IMAPS, HTTP, SSL, FTP, LDAP, NTP, MySQL, nagios network
    monitor, MRTG, Amanda/Bacula backups and more.

  * Developed, deployed, and supported significant portions of the RBOSS
    (Radio Broadcast Open Source System), both in-house and also for a
    related organization in FL.  Software systems are LAMP style and
    include: Track-X a radio log, News-X news wire searchable database,
    Auth-X centralized authentication component of the RBOSS system.

  * Developed and deployed low cost Free Software replacement to
    commercial routers including: WAN router connected to multiple ISPs
    using the BGP protocol, and LAN routers implementing NAT, iptables
    firewalls, and high availability clusters.  

  * Modified MPEG layer 2 encoder (toolame) in C to produce proprietary
    audio format for import into audio editing systems.

  * Developed multiple scripts and daemons in Python, to automate
    conversions and transfers of audio files and more. Programming
    technologies used included: forks, syslog, SMTP, SSH.

  * Implemented policies to help the facility operate better and more
    consistently, including: log books to record changes made on
    servers, centralized source code and document revision control.

  GIS/Trans, Ltd.
  Programmer Analyst (April 1997 - August 1999)
  * Produced HTML and database model for FL DOT WWW based truck permit
    application.  Developed ASP scripts to interact with Oracle database
    and ActiveX map (using VB and ESRI Map Objects).

  * Created web site to view and edit user preferences for a data
    integration application.  Used IIS, C++, and ISAPI.

  * Developed the "back end" of a rideshare system that included;
    installing AIX, setting up Oracle instance/database, writing C and
    Pro C programs to import/merge/export data, and setup of PPP.
    Developed automated scripts for NT Workstations to transfer
    information with AIX server.

  * Developed prototype application for FAA, using Powerbuilder and ESRI
    Map Objects, to search and query information on a computer map.

  * Responsible for system administration duties including; NT server,
    AIX, DNS, POP/IMAP, SMTP, NFS, Samba/SMB, and ISDN WAN Internet.

  * Implemented office standards for backups, application deployment,
    software libraries, and revision control.

  Sutton Place Gourmet
  Programmer (May 1996 - April 1997)
  * Developed 2nd revision of Price Change Maintenance System in FoxPro.
    It collected product information from several heterogeneous systems,
    computed changes, and converted the results into input for five
    different types of Point of Sale systems.

  * Wrote VB application to import files with frequent shopper data into
    a MS Jet database and provide users with search and sort.

  * Assisted with Novell 4.x - 3.1x administration and user support.
    Provided PC software and hardware support (on site and via phone).

  Data Entry (October 1994 - April 1996)
  * Maintained item database of prices at registers for 16 stores.
  * Developed and ran various FoxPro reports for market studies.

  GE Information Services Inc.
  Intern (June 1993 - January 1995)
  * Maintained, enhanced, and documented software to report exceptional
    utilization in the company's SNA network.
  * Acquired experience on MVS mainframe and SNA network design.

Membership and Volunteer work:
  Debian Multimedia team (2008)
  Audacity The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor (2007 - 2008)
  * CVS write access

  Rivendell Open Source Radio Automation (2005 - 2008)
  * CVS write access

  Fairmont Plaza Condominium , Board of Directors (2008 - 2010)
  * Secretary on the Board of Directors

  DC Linux User Group (Oct 1998 - 2003)
  * participated in several Installfests; webmaster for the LUG homepage.

  Electronic Privacy Information Center (www.epic.org) (Sep 2000 - 2003)
  * Developed and installed secure commerce web application in Python.
  * Replaced ListSTAR mailing list manager with Mailman and GNU/Linux.

Education and Certificates:
  George Washington University (2007-05 - 2013-05, 3.86 gpa)
    Computer Science BA with Option in Digital Media, Music BA 
    Senior Design - Music Practice Quantizer (MPQ) Android app
  RedHat Certified Engineer 
    807100692703789 [2001]; 805009539442173 [2009] ; 160-020-178 [2016]
  VMware Certified Professional 5; VMware Certified Professional 4